Hi. I want to setup xen into FreeBSD. I use FreeBSD 9 CURRENT.
I fetch Xen latest tarball. Xen needs this dependencies to be built:

    * GCC v3.4 or later
    * GNU Make
    * GNU Binutils
    * Development install of zlib (e.g., zlib-dev)
    * Development install of Python v2.3 or later (e.g., python-dev)
    * Development install of curses (e.g., libncurses-dev)
    * Development install of openssl (e.g., openssl-dev)
    * Development install of x11 (e.g. xorg-x11-dev)
    ** Development install of uuid (e.g. uuid-dev)
    * bridge-utils package (/sbin/brctl)
    * iproute package (/sbin/ip)
    * hotplug or udev*
    * GNU bison and GNU flex
    * GNU gettext
    * 16-bit x86 assembler, loader and compiler (dev86 rpm or bin86 & bcc debs)
    * ACPI ASL compiler (iasl)

With *bold* are the dependencies that I cannot find. Any idea?
I want to setup Xen on FreeBSD. *Not to install FreeBSD on a Xen machine
running Linux*.
How to do this?
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