On 01/17/12 14:49, Carsten Heesch wrote:
>> What gave you that idea?  The patches in that directory are the differences
>> between the 9.0-RELEASE source tree and the one I used to build the AMI.
> Oh, must have been wishful thinking then that it might go into FreeBSD and 
> not remain a bunch of separate patches... :)

Working on it. :-)

The files rXXXXXX.patch are commits I've already made to HEAD but which weren't
in 9.0-RELEASE.  The others I hope to merge into FreeBSD in some form:
* blkfront.patch makes us compatible with the multi-page request ring protocol
used by Amazon's blkback and I'm waiting to confirm that I reverse-engineered
that protocol correctly;
* uart.patch is a workaround for a bug in the version of Xen which Amazon is
using, but it's a really ugly hack so I'm hoping some more talented device
driver hackers can improve it;
* tcp_mbuf_chain_limit.patch limits the length of mbuf chains sent via TCP TSO
due to limits in the linux netback driver, but currently it unconditionally
limits all TCP connections -- I need to talk to network stack people about how
the max-chain-length value should be passed from the network interface up the
stack to the TCP code;
* ec2.patch is just tweaking some configuration files, so that doesn't need to
be merged and isn't really a patch anyway.

There's also some new rc.d scripts which get installed and more configuration
files; I'm not sure if it makes sense to bring those rc.d scripts into FreeBSD
proper since they're only relevant to the EC2 environment.

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