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I have a VPS at rootbsd.net [1], and have been running
with a XENHVM kernel with a patch to fix the do something
panic in if_xn. I fetched the 9.0-RELEASE source tree and
built a
kernel to try and it worked without any muss or fuss. I did
rest of the upgrade and its working just fine, so far as I

And there was much

Same here at ssdnodes.com [2] - we pulled the new source tree,
with our modified XENHVM and havent had any issues so far.

We had many tweaks in /etc/sysctl.conf to improve throughput
the 8.2-RELEASE, the 9.0-RELEASE systems still remained snappy
after the tweaks were removed.

What kinds of tweaks are needed?  (i.e. should we make them the

The tweaks were only "needed" because we were trying to achieve a
specific network throughput in our particular workload (read:
turning the knob all the way until it broke off). These values are
no longer in production on version 9.0-RELEASE, I highly recommend
these never become default.

For your amusement, Ive included the values below:


Any of these recommended for those of us who arent rushing to leave
8.2 yet?

[1] http://rootbsd.net
[2] http://ssdnodes.com

It honestly depends on what you're trying to accomplish, I can't give any blanket advice that will cover all the various workloads. Ours in particular was serving a combination of many small image files and a few large files that were being constantly hit between 150-300Mbps. After a month or two of benchmarking, we found these values to help considerably.

If your workload is similar (or you're feeling particularly sadistic today), I would suggest doing rigorous benchmarks on your current system, then changing the sysctl values one-by-one and making note of the changes in performance. Unfortunately you cannot do the same with the /boot/loader.conf values (these actually require a reboot).
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