Dear Justin,

Thanks for your help.

You gave me a clue, where to look for the problem. In short,
$ xm shutdown
issues a poweroff to the control/shutdown node, but with the default debian scripts, /etc/init.d/xendomains issues
$ xm shutdown --halt
which sends halt instead of a poweroff. So I was blind to skip that argument to xm shutdown, or I did not gave enough attention for it, as a linux pv guest halts/powers itself off for either. Its freebsd's feature to be able to halt only, and the script does this exactly.

On the other way, xen's documentation does not mention much about the --halt option, and the behaviour without that given.

So to be short, and maybe useful for others, who host freebsd hvm with pv drivers on debian, to remove the "--halt" options from variables in /etc/default/xendomains

At least for me, with this, my linux pv, freebsd pv, and freebsd hvm domains do a nice poweroff upon a host reboot/halt.

Many thanks for giving that clue.


Kojedzinszky Richard
Euronet Magyarorszag Informatikai Zrt.

On Thu, 2 Feb 2012, Justin T. Gibbs wrote:

Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 14:37:38 -0700
From: Justin T. Gibbs <>
To: Richard Kojedzinszky <>
Cc: Colin Percival <>,
Subject: Re: amd64 xen hvm shutdown

On Feb 2, 2012, at 12:31 PM, Richard Kojedzinszky wrote:

Dear users,

I am trying to compare the 8.2 i386 PV mode and 9.0 amd64 hvm mode, regarding

$ xm shutdown

from outside.

While 8.2 PV shuts down well, 9.0 hvm does not. Is it an issue of the xen 
hypervisor, or of freebsd?

What experience do others have?

If you are using a FreeBSD amd64 kernel with Xen PV drivers installed, shutdown 
behavior is controlled
by the PV "control" driver.  This driver notices updates to the 
"control/shutdown" node in the XenStore and
is supposed to act accordingly.  For a reboot or power off event, it simply 
shutdown_nice(RB_POWEROFF|RB_HALT), or shutdown_nice(0) as appropriate.  If you 
can capture the
value of the shutdown node in the XenStore, it should be pretty easy to debug 

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