Scott Strobele writes:
- Hi Y'all,
- I am digging through the site, and getting ready to call it a day, I will
- finish reading the entire site tomorrow until I find this, Ian Pratt said
- it was here if it was anywhere.  Another Ian named this location as well.
- I just have preferences of stability for a mysql database that will be
- large, and need to scale as far as size of cluster, it should be a lot of
- fun.
- I have used BSD before, and am not finding what I am looking for yet.

NetBSD has DOM0 and DOMU support in NetBSD 4.*, 5.* and 6.0_BETA.

I don't know if anyones created a bootable ISO that starts a XEN
hypervisor as part of the boot, but it's been something I've
considered (I've got a couple of boxes that won't boot a generic
kernel, but run fine with a xen hypervisor abstracting the

Eric Schnoebelen       
  Server (n.), 1. Large, extremely expensive machine that goes "Ping!".
  Measuring at least 25 cubic feet, heavy, bulky and giving of more heat
    than a nuclear power plant.  It's big, it's bad, it's beautiful and 
      makes it pretty clear what happened to this year's IT-budget.
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