Yes, I strognly wish to have xentools for FreeBSD (guest).
I'd contribute as far as I can !!


moto kawasaki <m...@kawasaki3.org>

> I talked some days ago at one of the Citryx mailing lists with one
> systems architect in order to view if is planned to add support to
> FreeBSD for XenCloud. They said me that there weren't plans but that
> is totally possible to make Xenservertools to work with FreeBSD by
> doing some little modifications. I'm planning to go with this
> portability in following days... in fact... they told me that would be
> nice to exist a contributed port for being able to use FreeBSD and
> XenServerTools that basically is probably what you need. I'll tell
> here how this project carries out :) ... And if I'm allowed to... I
> will contribute the port. :) :)
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