Hello all,

the first thing I have to say that my english is not the best, sorry for that.

I have a question about the Dom0 support on FreeBSD. At the moment I have a few Debian Linux Dom0 systems running DomUs on Xen 4.0. In the future I want to migrate to FreeBSD but I don't know whether there is support for Xen Dom0 on FreeBSD. I read that NetBSD support Xen Dom0 but I can't find something about the support for Dom0 on FreeBSD. I have found some texts and tutorials about creating FreeBSD DomUs but I think they could first help me later.

When there is support for Dom0 on FreeBSD what would I have to do, to get Xen running. So I would say that I have to compile the hypervisor and have to compile a FreeBSD kernel with Dom0 and to have running PV guests DomU support. And would I be right that I simply can migrate running linux guests to a running FreeBSD Dom0 when I have a DomU aware linux kernel?

It would be great to get a few answers about Dom0 and DomU support on FreeBSD and what I would have to do. My aim is to get a FreeBSD Dom0 with FreeBSD PV DomUs for services like mail and so on.

When there are documents which document such a setup it would be great to get them or links to them.

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