On 05/28/12 19:47, Lukas Laukamp wrote:

What would be a good system as a Dom0 a BSD or Solaris?

AFAIK Oracle removed dom0 support from OpenSolaris (and thus it isn't in OpenIndiana) and I think from Solaris Express 11 as well.

NetBSD makes for an excellent dom0. One thing to consider (it will matter depending on your workload) is that SMP is not supported for dom0, altough support was added for domU recently.

I have several NetBSD 5.99.xx dom0's running OpenIndiana, NetBSD, FreeBSD HVM+PV and OpenBSD (HVM, sadly, as they have no Xen port or PV drivers..) and no complains.

I sugggest you give NetBSD 6.0-BETA2 as a dom0 a try, you probably won't be disappointed!
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