So about a month ago someone made some scripts public that seem to pass XenServer the data it needs to believe you're running fully supported Xen Tools on FreeBSD. I'm surprised this didn't make headlines. Perhaps it was just posted to the wrong audience. Anyway, with these scripts in place you can then do suspend and migrate which is something I've personally been dying to have access to. Without migration we've been stuck with VMWare so this gives us a glimmer of hope as far as a reasonable alternative goes.

Original post here:

"I can suspend, move, use ballooning, display ip, disk bandwitdth and so... from XenCenter. "

The wiki here:

seems to indicate that the original author intended for this to be using an OpenBSD license. I can't actually see that listed anywhere publicly, and I wasn't on that list and haven't found his real email address yet to thank him for these scripts.....

I took this, put it on github, and spent a little bit of time tonight trying to make sense of it and clean it up a bit. It could definitely use an overhaul in a few places and have some more cruft cleaned up, but it's better than nothing. I've successfully removed any dependency on BASH as well as made the rc script a proper rc script. Finally, we're at a point where you need no strange cache files (in /procfalse? what was that about?) or an /etc/freebsd-version file. It's fairly standalone now.

I've been testing this on a 9.0-RELEASE with a XEN-HVM kernel. I've tested suspend, but haven't had a chance to do a migrate yet. Memory usage is reporting correctly. I can't seem to see anything functionally wrong with this, but I'm sure it could use some love. Ideally I'd like to see this at a point where it's clean enough that we can add it into the sysutils/xen-tools port so everyone running Citrix XenServer has easy access to this capability.

So here you go:

Please -- consume, fork, tinker, etc. I don't have any particularly outstanding scripting skills and have no reason to "own" this project. Perhaps we'll end up with a much cleaner and final version floating out there soon enough.
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