I'd just inform you of my first exprience.

0) My environment is:
    - XenServer 6.0.2 fully patched.
    - FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE-p4 amd64 HVMXEN (to which PF entries added)
    - sysutils/xen-tools-4.0.1 ports installed.

1) XenCenter shows warning as;
     "XenServer Tools out of date (version 6.0 installed)"

   Changing MicroVersion from 0 to 2 in xe-update-guest-attr file
   doesn't have effect on this issue.

     xenstore_write_cached "attr/PVAddons/MicroVersion" "2" 
                                                       0 to 2

2) "Shutdown" button on XenCenter works but doesn't complete.
   I guess XenServer/XenCenter expect something like "shutdown -p now"
   on the FreeBSD VM, but actually it runs like "shutdown -h now".
   Thus, FreeBSD VM has shut down, but doesn't cut its power, thus
   XenCenter remains on the way shutting down (VM icon stays in
   green, not goes to red.).

3) Moving VM from one member host to another in the pool works.

Thank you again.
I am so happy with those scripts!!

moto kawasaki <m...@kawasaki3.org> 090-2464-8454

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