On Thu, 09 Aug 2012 13:42:03 -0500, moto kawasaki <m...@kawasaki3.org> wrote:

1) XenCenter shows warning as;
     "XenServer Tools out of date (version 6.0 installed)"
  Changing MicroVersion from 0 to 2 in xe-update-guest-attr file
   doesn't have effect on this issue.
    xenstore_write_cached "attr/PVAddons/MicroVersion" "2"
                                                       0 to 2

On XenServer 6.0.0 the current settings work fine. I imagine we need to investigate what version the tools are on other platforms and emulate that version accordingly.

2) "Shutdown" button on XenCenter works but doesn't complete.
   I guess XenServer/XenCenter expect something like "shutdown -p now"
   on the FreeBSD VM, but actually it runs like "shutdown -h now".
   Thus, FreeBSD VM has shut down, but doesn't cut its power, thus
   XenCenter remains on the way shutting down (VM icon stays in
   green, not goes to red.).

I haven't looked to see how this is handled at all, but I bet it's something we can fix.

3) Moving VM from one member host to another in the pool works.

Thanks for giving us another confirmation!
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