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1) on the stock 64bit 9.0 & 9.1-beta XENHVM kernels, we still had the boot problem where after installing the kernel and rebooting, the boot failed as being unable to find the boot device. We had to pass a boot string of ad0p2
instead of the default ada0p2, and then edit fstab accordingly. I assume
others here had to do that as well?

Yes, but I think that's because with the XENHVM kernel the disks are using a different driver. There's a difference between the ad and ada drivers.

2) I'm sure this will show a lack of understanding on my part, but I'm just curious about the xen-tools port that has been in the ports collection for a little while. As per the pdf on the migration/suspend scripts, this needs to
be installed first. I would think the current port - being called
"xen-tools", would/should include these migration/suspend scripts. It's not xen-tools (in Citrix parlance) without that capability. So, is this a case
of the new scripts just "finish off" the work that went into the current
xen-tools script and the xen-tools port in the ports collection is
functionally incomplete? I guess I'm unclear as to the
history/relationship/status of the xen-tools port and these
migration/suspend scripts.

This is likely where it will show up. I've been talking to the ports@ team and it seems to make sense that we include it in that port.

3) In some of my googling on 64 bit XENHVM "how-to's", one of them (can't
find it at the moment) mentioned 64 bit Freebsd not working right under Xen with regards to SMP, and the how-to offered several patches to disable SMP amongst other related items. To run the new migration/suspend scripts, did
other people here need to use those patches?

I have a feeling this is an old/resolved issue as I've not seen it yet.
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