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> Mark Felder wrote...
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> The xen-tools {port} should include this work. It has nothing to do with what 
> dom0 you're using -- if you don't have a use for this just don't enable it in 
> rc.conf. We could even make it an optional KNOB in the port if necessary. 
> There's just no sound reason why this should be a completely separate port.
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> Wholeheartedly agree.
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It depend's if the dom0 uses xapi or not for being managed... And this scripts 
mainly maintain xenstore database for info to be exchanged with XenCenter a 
citrix managing product, this is the main reason because I assume that bare 
xen-tools shouldn't include XenServerTools's xenstore management scripts for 
xenstore to be useful with XenCenter. Perhaps using an option for including 
them or not in the port could be valid too... But I assume the mere fact of 
using Xentools should not really assume we're going to usr Citrix products... 
This is my opinion.

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