Hi All,
I'm try to set up and verify Xen console driver base on Fedora 17 and Xen
4.1.2 with hvm guest mode,
i searched around and got a link, it give steps both for PV and HVM mode, I
followed the HVM guide
and upgraded my kernel to 3.5.0.


After that, I can got console output with "xm console <dom_id>", but the
console driver is not used when I tracing the driver
with "crash" utility, by examing the "console_drivers", the console driver
is still "serial8250 console", so i wonder if I didn't
set up it properly or something else, is there someone ever experienced it,

crash> p *console_drivers
$10 = {
  name = "ttyS\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000",
  write = 0xffffffff8138d5a0 <serial8250_console_write>,
  read = 0,
  device = 0xffffffff8138c350 <uart_console_device>,
  unblank = 0,
  setup = 0xffffffff81d29926 <serial8250_console_setup>,
  early_setup = 0xffffffff8138ca10 <serial8250_console_early_setup>,
  flags = 22,
  index = 0,
  cflag = 0,
  data = 0xffffffff81c82640,
  next = 0x0

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