Hi, I have spent a lot of hours trying to make the most out of my
hardware but I cannot seem to make this work... I am hoping for some
help from all of you on this forum...

I have a box that is currently running NAS4Free (embedded). I am not
happy with the media server that is included and I am looking for a
way install plex instead.

My idea is - install xen and virtualize the machine!
- install xen on ubuntu as dom0 - done
- install ubuntu domU instance with plex media server - done
- install nas4free domU instance - failed

On my ubuntu-xen dom0 I have bunch of packages installed:
xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64, xen-utils-4.1, xenwatch, xen-tools,
xen-utils-common, xenstore-utils, virtinst, virt-viewer, virt-manager

Anyone that has done anything like this? I have searched the net but
not been able to find a guide that actually solves my problem...

What I used the latest relase of NAS4Free-x86-LiveCD-
when trying to get this to work.

I am thankful for all ideas I can get on this subject...

Best regards, Tobbe G
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