As one of the many that have been delaying a major production rollout in
anticipation of the release of 9.1, I've been anxiously awaiting. No
announcement yet, but I did notice has an amd64 9.1-Release
iso for download. Given the date of the file as 12/4 I'm a little hesitant
to just jump on it and start building VM's.. Anyone else notice/use this


All our FreeBSD use is now under Xenserver 6.1. I was curious, given the
port of xe-guest-utilities that allows online migrations and such. after
installing those tools (thus PVM/64), should we be changing our mount points
to refer to the xen hd device (xbdX) or continue to use adX inside the VM
for filesystem mounts (kinda like we need to change the network device {ex.
bgeX} to xnX)? Just looking for a sanity check J


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