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Jay West <jw...@ezwind.net> wrote:

> All our FreeBSD use is now under Xenserver 6.1. I was curious, given the
> port of xe-guest-utilities that allows online migrations and such. after
> installing those tools (thus PVM/64), should we be changing our mount points
> to refer to the xen hd device (xbdX) or continue to use adX inside the VM
> for filesystem mounts (kinda like we need to change the network device {ex.
> bgeX} to xnX)? Just looking for a sanity check J

You'll notice that /dev/xbd* doesn't actually exist :-)

Also, if you aren't aware, here is my personal list of Xen bugs:

- Shutdown via Xen fails to poweroff. It doesn't issue any normal shutdown 
  but tells the Xen code in the kernel to start a shutdown. It's broken on the 
  side. kern/171118 
  Also, NetBSD's workaround for this is to enable powerd, but we can't
  when we're running XENHVM and I suspect their powerd is a completely 
different beast.

- If you use PF with Xen HVM your performance will suck. Known bug.
  Set net.inet.tcp.tso=0 as a workaround.

- "Deactivating" a network interface is an option after enabling the 
xe-guest-utilities scripts.
  Please don't do that. It seems to cause a panic every time. kern/171138
  Also, this happens when you try to change the VLAN assigned to an
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