Thank you very much for your list of bugs.
I am running FreeBSD 8.2/9.0 (amd64 XENHVM) on XenServer 5.6SP2/6.0.2/6.1,

feld> Also, if you aren't aware, here is my personal list of Xen bugs:
feld> - Shutdown via Xen fails to poweroff. It doesn't issue any normal 
shutdown commands,
feld>   but tells the Xen code in the kernel to start a shutdown. It's broken 
on the kernel
feld>   side. kern/171118 
feld>   Also, NetBSD's workaround for this is to enable powerd, but we can't
feld>   when we're running XENHVM and I suspect their powerd is a completely 
different beast.
feld> - If you use PF with Xen HVM your performance will suck. Known bug.
feld>   kern/154428
feld>   Set net.inet.tcp.tso=0 as a workaround.

It might be better to disable rxcsum, txcsum, and lro, too.
My understanding is the point is the 'NIC hardware' is not the real
one but emulation by Xen Host, so that those 'off loading' makes
context switch storm between domU and dom0.
# please kindly correct me if wrong.

feld> - "Deactivating" a network interface is an option after enabling the 
xe-guest-utilities scripts.
feld>   Please don't do that. It seems to cause a panic every time. kern/171138
feld>   Also, this happens when you try to change the VLAN assigned to an
feld>   interface.

- FreeBSD 9.0 XENHVM panics during boot sequence if it runs on
  XenServer 6.1.
  Remove (virtual) CD/DVD drive from guest configuration.

And Yes, I have some experience successful live-migration with those
ports. Special Thanks to author!

Thank you!!

looking forward to FreeBSD 9.1 and Citrix official xen-tool for
FreeBSD :-)

moto kawasaki <> 090-2464-8454

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