>Also, if you aren't aware, here is my personal list of Xen bugs:

- Shutdown via Xen fails to poweroff. It doesn't issue any normal shutdown
  but tells the Xen code in the kernel to start a shutdown. It's broken on
the kernel
  side. kern/171118
  Also, NetBSD's workaround for this is to enable powerd, but we can't
  when we're running XENHVM and I suspect their powerd is a completely
different beast.

I can confirm this as a problem as well, on x86 64bit PVM. FreeBSD VM sits
at "press any key to reboot". Soon as I press any key, then the VM shuts
down. I don't recall why, but something made me think that FreeBSD was
responding to a VM shutdown with 'shutdown -h now' when it should be
responding with 'shutdown -p now", which seemed to work correctly. 

- If you use PF with Xen HVM your performance will suck. Known bug.
  Set net.inet.tcp.tso=0 as a workaround.

We don't use PF under Xen, so can't comment.

- "Deactivating" a network interface is an option after enabling the
xe-guest-utilities scripts.
  Please don't do that. It seems to cause a panic every time. kern/171138
  Also, this happens when you try to change the VLAN assigned to an

We have not tried this, good to know.

Additional bugs.... I believe all mentioned here already....

1) 64bit PVM won't mount filesystems, after install have to change fstab
adpXpY references to adXpY (or something similar, don't have it in front of
2) 64bit PVM won't boot with a virtual CD/DVD drive attached, have to remove
it from the command line.

I know there's other bugs, but the above ones are pretty much show-stoppers
for getting freebsd up under XenServer. Fortunately, there's workarounds.


Jay West

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