On 24 Jan 2013, at 14:41, Mark Felder <f...@feld.me> wrote:
>> - I manually downloaded and extracted the 9.1 GENERIC kernel. Booting from 
>> that results in a rootmount mismatch (ada0 vs ad0). Just renaming it in 
>> /etc/fstab does not seem to be enough, what else would I need to do?
> Yes, the GENERIC kernel uses adaX and the XENHVM kernel uses adX. It 
> shouldn't be a problem to just change it in the fstab though. I've not yet 
> had problems running 9.1 with XENHVM yet.

I tried this both using the mountroot prompt when booting with an old fstab and 
a corrected fstab. In both cases the kernel is not able to mount the UFS volume.

>> - I manually built a new 9.1 XENHVM kernel. Booting from that results in the 
>> message: "pudna: fpcurthread == curthread xx times" scrolling by. What can I 
>> do to fix that?
> I've not seen this message yet either. 

I've seen this message also previously when I was toying around with my 9.0 
system. I forget what exactly I did though.
There are some references to it in earlier cases, dating back to 2005:

Another in 2010:
(I did not try those options yet though)

> Can you provide more details of the Xen environment you're hosted on?

AMD Opteron system, with kernel 2.6.32 on Dom0, using 4.0.1-2.
My VPS is run using Xen qemu.

>> Is there a problem in continuing to run the 9.0 XENHVM kernel with the 9.1 
>> system?
> This would not be advised. It *may* work, but be warned that you may run into 
> strange issues.

I noticed that freebsd-update started complaining during its cron-job. I've 
since performed a freebsd-update rollback.


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