I have get problem running XENHVM kernel.
FreeBSD VM was created based on template "Other install media" 
Fetching from git and compilation was fine.  

Unfortunately I cant copy VM screen output from XenCenter console so write 
this by hand. 

run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 60 seconds for 
run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 120 seconds for 
run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 180 seconds for 
run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 240 seconds for 
run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 300 seconds for 
panic: run_interrupt_driven_config_hooks: waited too long
cpuid = 0
KDB: enter: panic
[ thread pid 0 tid 100000 ]
Stopped at        kdb_enter+0x3e: movq $0,kdb_why

I am running this VM on XenServer 6.1

xe vm-list name-label="FreeBSD 10 pvhvm" params=all
uuid ( RO)                          : f5b51518-5e6a-5f0b-1539-07e97f91ff6e
                    name-label ( RW): FreeBSD 10 pvhvm
              name-description ( RW): Experimental from 
                  user-version ( RW): 1
                 is-a-template ( RW): false
                 is-a-snapshot ( RO): false
                   snapshot-of ( RO): <not in database>
                     snapshots ( RO): 
                 snapshot-time ( RO): 19700101T00:00:00Z
                 snapshot-info ( RO): 
                        parent ( RO): <not in database>
                      children ( RO): 
             is-control-domain ( RO): false
                   power-state ( RO): running
                 memory-actual ( RO): 1073688576
                 memory-target ( RO): <expensive field>
               memory-overhead ( RO): 11534336
             memory-static-max ( RW): 1073741824
            memory-dynamic-max ( RW): 1073741824
            memory-dynamic-min ( RW): 1073741824
             memory-static-min ( RW): 134217728
              suspend-VDI-uuid ( RW): <not in database>
               suspend-SR-uuid ( RW): a5b07c91-b940-d1c8-6822-3ef2517cca89
                  VCPUs-params (MRW): 
                     VCPUs-max ( RW): 1
              VCPUs-at-startup ( RW): 1
        actions-after-shutdown ( RW): Destroy
          actions-after-reboot ( RW): Restart
           actions-after-crash ( RW): Restart
                 console-uuids (SRO): 5ec0c160-cada-1bd1-fbea-967e5b8a3bd4
                      platform (MRW): timeoffset: 0; nx: true; acpi: 1; apic: 
true; pae: true; viridian: true
            allowed-operations (SRO): changing_dynamic_range; hard_reboot; 
hard_shutdown; pause; snapshot
            current-operations (SRO): 
            blocked-operations (MRW): 
           allowed-VBD-devices (SRO): <expensive field>
           allowed-VIF-devices (SRO): <expensive field>
                possible-hosts ( RO): <expensive field>
               HVM-boot-policy ( RW): BIOS order
               HVM-boot-params (MRW): order: cd
         HVM-shadow-multiplier ( RW): 1.000
                     PV-kernel ( RW): 
                    PV-ramdisk ( RW): 
                       PV-args ( RW): 
                PV-legacy-args ( RW): 
                 PV-bootloader ( RW): 
            PV-bootloader-args ( RW): 
           last-boot-CPU-flags ( RO): vendor: GenuineIntel; features: 
              last-boot-record ( RO): <expensive field>
                   resident-on ( RO): f20889e5-3395-4094-bec3-9e66cbdee395
                      affinity ( RW): f20889e5-3395-4094-bec3-9e66cbdee395
                  other-config (MRW): vgpu_pci: ; base_template_name: Other 
install media; mac_seed: 91eceff7-7c2c-5222-5bb4-6f0fb80061c4; install-
methods: cdrom
                        dom-id ( RO): 53
               recommendations ( RO): <restrictions><restriction 
field="memory-static-max" max="137438953472" /><restriction field="vcpus-max" 
max="16" /><restriction property="number-of-vbds" max="7" /><restriction 
property="number-of-vifs" max="7" /></restrictions>
                 xenstore-data (MRW): vm-data: 
    ha-always-run ( RW) [DEPRECATED]: false
           ha-restart-priority ( RW): 
                         blobs ( RO): 
                    start-time ( RO): 20130516T09:52:35Z
                  install-time ( RO): 20130515T12:30:44Z
                  VCPUs-number ( RO): 1
             VCPUs-utilisation (MRO): <expensive field>
                    os-version (MRO): <not in database>
            PV-drivers-version (MRO): <not in database>
         PV-drivers-up-to-date ( RO): <not in database>
                        memory (MRO): <not in database>
                         disks (MRO): <not in database>
                      networks (MRO): <not in database>
                         other (MRO): <not in database>
                          live ( RO): <not in database>
    guest-metrics-last-updated ( RO): <not in database>
      cooperative ( RO) [DEPRECATED]: <expensive field>
             protection-policy ( RW): <not in database>
         is-snapshot-from-vmpp ( RO): false
                          tags (SRW): 
                     appliance ( RW): <not in database>
                   start-delay ( RW): 0
                shutdown-delay ( RW): 0
                         order ( RW): 0
                       version ( RO): 0

Which additional info can I provide?

Best Regards,
Nasonov Sergey
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