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Thanks for testing this, I'm afraid I'm not really familiar with
XenServer or XenCenter. It looks like Linux users are also running into
problems when trying to setup Linux PVHVMs on XenServer 6.1:

He's hitting a well-known bug that's had a lot of discussion on this list and a little bit on one of the xen lists. I'm waiting for someone at Citrix to fix this, but it doesn't seem to be a priority. Considering your email is @citrix.com, it's a little bit disheartening that you're not familiar with XenServer or XCP -- the only Xen platform where a business can get support direct from the vendor. :( Please use whatever resources you can to prioritize this issue as we'd love to upgrade our virtualization environment to 1.6 ASAP.

From all the information I've gathered it appears there's a regression in qemu used in XenServer/XCP that prevents FreeBSD XENHVM from booting on XenServer 6.1 / XCP 1.6. Earlier versions it works fine. NetBSD and Linux-based Xen installs don't tend to have this problem because they use upstream qemu directly. I'm waiting for the next release (XenServer 6.2?) to come out so I can test again as they're supposed to be using upstream directly in future releases.

Sergey, you can work around this by removing the CDROM/DVDROM device from the VM. This will allow you to boot the OS and use it. You could also step back down to XenServer 6.0 or XCP 1.5beta to work around it, but I'm sure you're relying on some of the new features 6.1 has to offer.
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