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> The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
> These represent problem reports covering all versions including
> experimental development code and obsolete releases.
> S Tracker      Resp.      Description
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> o kern/180788  xen        [xen] [panic] XEN PV kernel 9.2-BETA1 panics on boot

This is due to bugs in i386 PV pmap, and was closed by reverting r244237
in 9.2, but the problem is still present in HEAD.

> o kern/180403  xen        [xen] Problems with GENERIC and XENHVM kernels with 
> Xe
> o kern/180402  xen        [xen] XEN kernel does not load in XenClient 4.5.5

This is a duplicate of kern/180403, which contains more info.

> o kern/179814  xen        [xen] mountroot fails with error=19 under Xen on 
> 9-STA

This is due to the change from ad to ada for xbd devices, not really a
bug IMHO.

> o kern/176471  xen        [xen] xn driver crash on detach


> o kern/176053  xen        [xen] [patch] i386: Correct wrong usage of 
> vsnprintf()
> o kern/175954  xen        [xen] XENHVM xn network driver extreme packet loss 
> dur
> o kern/175822  xen        [xen] FreeBSD 9.1 does not work with Xen 4.0

I would say this is fixed, or at least I've never encountered this bug.

> o kern/175757  xen        [xen] [patch] xen pvhvm looses keyboard input from 


> o kern/171873  xen        [xen] xn network device floods warning in dmesg

Never seen it on any Xen version and Dom0 kernel combination (already

> o kern/171118  xen        [xen] FreeBSD XENHVM guest doesn't shutdown cleanly

xl shutdown does the right thing, so I'm not sure if this bug is
specific to XCP/XenServer toolstacks.

> o kern/166174  xen        [xen] Problems ROOT MOUNT ERROR <freebsd 8.3>
> o kern/165418  xen        [xen] Problems mounting root filesystem from XENHVM
> o kern/164630  xen        [xen] XEN HVM kernel: run_interrupt_driven_hooks: 
> stil
> o kern/164450  xen        [xen] Failed to install FreeeBSD 9.0-RELEASE from 
> CD i
> o kern/162677  xen        [xen] FreeBSD not compatible with "Current Stable 
> Xen"

FreeBSD runs fine on 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4.

> o kern/161318  xen        [xen] sysinstall crashes with floating point 
> exception

Never seen it on 9.x or HEAD.

> o kern/155468  xen        [xen] Xen PV i386 multi-kernel CPU system is not 
> worki
> o kern/155353  xen        [xen] [patch] put "nudging TOD" message under 
> boot_ver
> o kern/154833  xen        [xen]: xen 4.0 - DomU freebsd8.2RC3 i386, XEN 
> kernel. 
> o kern/154473  xen        [xen] xen 4.0 - DomU freebsd8.1 i386, XEN kernel. 
> Not 
> o kern/154472  xen        [xen] xen 4.0 - DomU freebsd8.1 i386 xen kernel 
> reboot
> o kern/154428  xen        [xen] xn0 network interface and PF - Massive 
> performan
> o kern/153674  xen        [xen] i386/XEN idle thread shows wrong percentages
> o kern/153672  xen        [xen] [panic] i386/XEN panics under heavy fork load
> o kern/153620  xen        [xen] Xen guest system clock drifts in AWS EC2 
> (FreeBS

Probably fixed by the new PV timer/clock implementation in HEAD.

> o kern/153477  xen        [xen] XEN pmap code abuses vm page queue lock
> o kern/153150  xen        [xen] xen/ec2: disable checksum offloading on 
> interfac
> o kern/152228  xen        [xen] [panic] Xen/PV panic with machdep.idle_mwait=1
> o kern/144629  xen        [xen] FreeBSD 8-RELEASE XEN pvm networking doesn't 
> wor
> o kern/143398  xen        [xen] FreeBSD 8-RELEASE XEN pvm networking doesn't 
> wor
> o kern/143340  xen        [xen] FreeBSD 8-RELEASE XEN pvm networking doesn't 
> wor
> f kern/143069  xen        [xen] [panic] Xen Kernel Panic - Memory modified 
> after
> f kern/135667  xen        ufs filesystem corruption on XEN DomU system

Already fixed also I guess (specially regarding last message from Colin

> f kern/135421  xen        [xen] FreeBSD Xen PVM DomU network failure - 
> netfronc.
> f kern/135178  xen        [xen] Xen domU outgoing data transfer stall when 
> TSO i
> p kern/135069  xen        [xen] FreeBSD-current/Xen SMP doesn't function at 
> all 
> f i386/124516  xen        [xen] FreeBSD-CURRENT Xen Kernel Segfaults when 
> config
> o kern/118734  xen        [xen] FreeBSD 6.3-RC1 and FreeBSD 7.0-BETA 4 fail 
> to b
> 39 problems total.
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