On 27-Sep-2013, at 8:20 PM, Roger Pau Monné <roger....@citrix.com> wrote:

> On 27/09/13 08:16, Shanker Balan wrote:
>> Helo,
>> Now that XENHVM has been merged into the GENERIC kernel, I recompiled todays 
>> -CURRENT (rev 255904)
>> and hit the following panic. It seeems to be HyperV related.
>> GENERIC without "device hyperv" works properly. The hypervisor is XenServer 
>> 6.2.
>> # HyperV drivers
>> device          hyperv          # HyperV drivers 
>> Panic screenshots with backtrace at http://imgur.com/cZsDsKE&VCkh4VS
> Hello,
> This is because XenServer enables viridian by default when running HVM
> guests. That makes Xen also announce itself as HyperV for compatibility
> reasons, as a workaround you can try to disable viridian support (not
> sure if this is possible on XenServer).
> I'm attaching a patch that should solve the problem, Ccing the virt
> mailing list and the persons that I think are involved in the HyperV
> support for FreeBSD.

Hi Roger,

Thank you very much for looking into the issue.

Can I have a SVN version of the patch? "patch" does not seem to like
the diff (or maybe I am using it incorrectly)

root@fxen1:/usr/src # patch -n  < ~/xen_hyperv.patch
Hmm...  I can't seem to find a patch in there anywhere.
root@fxen1:/usr/src # 


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