As you all know, you cant install FreeBSD 10.0-Beta1 from ISO CD under 
XenServer 6.2, because cd-rom problem it has. Hope its somehow fixed in 

Anyway, i managed to install it thru PXE-TFTP method. PXE install method 
has some little bugs, like its trying to re-mount root as read-write (cant 
do that) so you need to modify /etc/fstab and remove line from there.
Also not sure about why name servers did not work as my DHCP is giving out 
correct DNS servers, so it was also needed to modify /etc/resolv.conf and 
put out nameservers there, then you can install it correctly.

My boot source was FreeBSD-10.0-BETA1-amd64-bootonly.iso, i unpacked it to 
TFTP server and used that as root. Could give my DHCP config if anyone is 
also interested to bootstrap from PXE-TFTP method.

Here is a download URL for OVA file i made for FreeBSD 10.0-Beta1, AMD64: 
http://download.sofor.fi/FreeBSD10.0-BETA1.ova.gz, size about 373MB 
packed. its installed as ZFS on root.
root pw: password, it also has pkgng working pointed to 
http://mirror.exonetric.net/pub/pkgng/freebsd%3A10%3Ax86%3A64/ so i 
managed to install Xen Tools easy way.

One notice regarding Xen Tools, when you do shutdown option from XenCenter 
its not actually seems to be shutdowning, it says its halted and it 
waiting key press to reboot.
I am hoping that is modified in future and shutdown actually shutdowns it 
as now it leaves its running state under XenServer. Not sure if there is a 
bug report open for that.

  Pekka Panula
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