On Thu, Oct 17, 2013, at 3:11, pekka.pan...@sofor.fi wrote:
> Hi
> As you all know, you cant install FreeBSD 10.0-Beta1 from ISO CD under 
> XenServer 6.2, because cd-rom problem it has. Hope its somehow fixed in 
> future.

Hi Pekka! This has been fixed in 10-STABLE and will be part of the next
BETA release :-) There is also a patch for FreeBSD 9 that they will
hopefully backport. Note, this patch is slightly different than the one
required for 10-STABLE. Big thanks to gibbs and Roger for their work on

> One notice regarding Xen Tools, when you do shutdown option from
> XenCenter 
> its not actually seems to be shutdowning, it says its halted and it 
> waiting key press to reboot.
> I am hoping that is modified in future and shutdown actually shutdowns it 
> as now it leaves its running state under XenServer. Not sure if there is
> a 
> bug report open for that.

I do have a bug report for that -- kern/171118. I had a conversation
with someone not too long ago that I'm looking for in my email. It was
suggested that XenServer sends the wrong command.
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