I'm trying to passthrough a LSI HBA to a fbsd xen hvm guest.
The problem is, it only works the first time. On subsequent boots fbsd
hangs on the LSI driver, trying to initialize it.
I presume this is because the PCI device is left in a different state
than right after the host boot.
The HBA supports function level reset and I tested it with another OS
to make sure it indeed works.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Boot host.
2. Boot fbsd guest with passed PCI device. Fbsd boots fine.
3. Restart the guest. Boot hangs on device initialization.

The fbsd guest reboots fine without the passed in device.

The host is Linux, Xen is 4.3.0. Tried with fbsd 9.2 and 10beta3. The
host does not initialize the device (it's "hidden" with pciback)

Is this a fbsd bug? Is there maybe some setting or boot option I could
try to fix this?
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