Roger Pau Monné writes ("[HEADS UP] FreeBSD guest integrated into Xen push gate 
> Today we had the first successful run of the Xen push gate tester
> (OSSTest) containing a FreeBSD PVHVM guest. This means that from now
> onwards every commit on the Xen repository will be tested against a
> FreeBSD PVHVM guest (i386 and amd64), to make sure new changes in Xen
> doesn't break current support in FreeBSD. You can see the results of the
> first run at:

Congratulations to the FreeBSD and Xen communities on the good support
for Xen PV/PVHVM - getting the whole test run to pass as soon as we
had it properly integrated in osstest reflects well on the level of
completeness of the FreeBSD support.  Other guests have given us
trouble with (for example) broken suspend/migration support.

> A very big thanks goes to Ian Jackson for integrating my crappy FreeBSD
> install script into OSSTest and for solving the various problems that
> arose during the integration.

You're very welcome.

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