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Just to clarify, are you unable to reach a FreeBSD PV DomU from a
Windows PV DomU on the same host, or are you unable to route traffic
trough a FreeBSD PV DomU (on the same host)?

(ie. can you ssh from the Windows PV DomU into the FreeBSD PV DomU?)

ssh from the Windows PV host to the FreeBSD PV DomU host appears to work fine. Attempting to 'route' traffic from the Windows PV host 'through' the FreeBSD PV DomU fails - pings go, DNS goes, initial TCP 'setups' go - but stuff dies thereafter (i.e. may be packet size related or something).

Move the FreeBSD PV DomU host to the other XenServer - works. Disabled PV NIC in windows, it works. Run up the FreeBSD PV as HVM (i.e. Realtek) - works. Replace FreeBSD with Linux - it works. So FreeBSD PV on same XenServer as Windows, fails.

The only combination I've not tested is FreeBSD DomU PV host trying to use the FreeBSD DomU PV other host as a gateway. I've no reason to believe that won't fail (with the same circumstances as above).

The Windows PV Host has 1 NIC which is attached to Xen network 'Office Network' (using e.g.

The FreeBSD PV Host has 2 NIC's - Interface 0 is attached to Xen network 'Office Network' (using e.g. - Interface 1 is attached to Xen network 'ADSL Network' (using e.g.

The FreeBSD DomU PV host gateway can ping / fetch data fine from the ADSL connection itself, fine. It's setup to NAT for the Office Network (standard rc.conf setup).

So it looks like it might actually be a FreeBSD/Xen issue?

Yes, it looks that way (dunno if netback might also be involved in this)

Doh! :( That's annoying ;)

I have to look into this, FreeBSD should not panic when trying to boot
without XENHVM on a DomU.

Ok the panic wasn't reproducible - I don't know what I did to that kernel build, but re-building GENERIC without the Xen options results in a kernel that boots ok in with HVM drivers (i.e. Realtek NIC's) - and using these fixes the problem (as evidenced above).

You could try to disable the following:

ifconfig xnX -rxcsum -txcsum -tso4 -lro

No combination of those made any difference (which I guess is both a good and a bad thing).

Anything else you can think of / worth trying? - As I said I'm running the XenServer distribution ISO (with SP1) - I'm not sure if that has support for much debugging stuff built in?


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