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How many guests are you running on this host, and how many vCPUs has
each one assigned?

Only 1 active guest (the FreeBSD one) - there are others on there, but they're not running (so I'm hoping they don't count? :)

I don't think those modifications have any effect on the timer, but
could you try to recompile without the NO_ADAPTIE_* modifications and
without any device pass-through?

Removed the NO_ADAPTIVE_ stuff from the Kernel - I'll have to do the PCI passthrough removes later.

In order to provide more debug info, could you apply the following patch:


It will expand the panic message a little bit. Also, after applying the
patch you can manually edit sys/dev/xen/timer/timer.c and increase
NUM_RETRIES to see if that solves the problem.

Ok, with that patch applied, removing the NO_ADAPTIVE_* (but like I said - still with the PCI passthroughs in place) I get:

panic: can't schedule timer on vCPU#0, interval: 112847ns

I'll increase NUM_TRIES, try that - then remove the PCI passthrough devices and give that ago - that'll have to do those in a bit, and post when done.


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