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> --On 18 March 2014 09:44 +0100 Roger Pau Monné <roger....@citrix.com> wrote:
>> The output of vmstat -ai might also be helpful to assure that event
>> timers are working correctly.
> Ok, that's at the bottom of this email.
>> Also, does this VM have some
>> PCI-passthrough? Did you migrate it? The xl configuration file used to
>> create the domain would also be interesting.
> VM has no passthrough (this is a completely separate system to the one I was 
> doing the passthrough work on), and was created 'from new' - from Xen Center 
> I did "VM, new VM"
> I used the "Other install media" template with 2 vCPU's and 2048Mb of RAM - 
> and fed it the FreeBSD 10.0-R amd64 install ISO. Single GPT partition, ufs - 
> and a small (2Gb SWAP partition).
> Once the system was running I installed subversion then did a svn checkout of 
> 'stable' source - rebuilt the world/kernel / installed the kernel/world - and 
> did the usual mergemaster updates.
>> Also, could you try the same workload with a pristine GENERIC kernel?
> Ok - I'll leave this VM 'as-is' If I get time I'll setup two new VM's - a 
> stock 10.0-R with stock GENERIC, and another one using the r261289M source 
> from this machine, but stock GENERIC kernel (the only mods I'd made were the 
> 'NO_ADAPTIVE_' changes as recommended by the xen man page).
> It may be a while before I know if sshd is going to get 'stuck' again - but 
> I'll keep an eye on them.
> -Karl

This problem seems to not be in virtualization, the FUG-BR are discussing this 
issue in SSH FreeBSD10.
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