On 05/04/14 15:34, Jeroen van der Ham wrote:
> Hi,
> On 5 Apr 2014, at 11:41, Jonni Nakari <jo...@egarden.fi> wrote:
>> The machine is not capable of running HVM virtualized (no VT-x/AMD-V) so I 
>> would like to get paravirtualized version of FreeBSD running, but it seems 
>> to me that the state of PV FreeBSD is quite bad currently. If I manage to 
>> get the DomU running, can I expect it to support multiple processors? Can it 
>> handle more than 4 GB of RAM? I read from a previous post to this list that 
>> multiprocessor support might be broken, but that message was from over a 
>> year ago. Also the maximum RAM support support comes from an old source. 
>> Ideally I would like the FreeBSD DomU to serve ZVOLs and NFS to other DomUs.
> Whether or not you can run HVM does not depend on the CPU, but on XEN and 
> which loader you use (e.g. qemuloader).

This is not true, Xen requires hardware virtualization extensions in the
CPU in order to run HVM guests.


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