On 26/04/14 13:57, seanr...@gmail.com wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> Thanks for the patch -- sadly, it didn't work. No change.


> I did have to modify a bit for releng/10.0; for some reason patch
> refused to apply it cleanly. It looked fairly straightforward but I
> attached inline the patch I ultimately applied below just in case I got
> it wrong.

Patch looks fine.

> Are there any other potential differences between Xen 3.4 and 4.1? (my
> provider migrated my problem VPS to a 3.4 host and the problem
> evaporated; I am trying this on a new 4.1 VPS that I was able to
> reproduce the problem on).

I'm quite sure this is not related to the underlying Xen version, but to
the Linux Dom0 kernel version your provider is using, could you ask them
the Linux versions they are using on the 4.1 and 3.4 hosts?

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