Hi FreeBSD/Xen people,

Now that Amazon has released the T2 family of instances, it is possible to run
FreeBSD on all five types of instances -- "general purpose", "high RAM", "high
CPU", "high I/O", and "low cost" -- without having it pretend to be Windows.
As a result, I'm considering no longer building "defenestrated" EC2 images; this
would simplify my image-building code significantly, and avoid situations where
users accidentally use the defenestrated images and end up paying for a Windows
license they don't need.

The downside is that it would not be possible to launch future FreeBSD releases
onto older EC2 instance types.  For "on-demand" usage, this shouldn't be a
problem -- the older instances are in all ways inferior to the newer instances
-- but if someone has paid Reserved Instance then they might want to be able to
use FreeBSD on it.  (Launching an older AMI and upgrading would still work, of


Colin Percival
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