I have two physical Xenservers. Each one of them have two network cards
and few virtual machines. On Xenserver1 I have a FreeBSD that acts 
as a router/firewall. The setup looks like this:


                  / ---- xn0 Wan Public IP
Virtual FreeBSD1 \
                  \ ---- xn1 LAN IP

Virtual Machines on xen1 --- xn1 LAN IP


Virtual Machines on xen2 --- xn1 LAN IP

All virtual machines from xen2 server can easily go through
FreeBSD1 firewall out to the internet and back. But those from 
xen1 can't. When I create second firewall FreeBSD2 on xen2 like 


                  / ---- xn0 Wan Public IP
Virtual FreeBSD2 \
                  \ ---- xn1 LAN IP 

Virtual Machines on xen2 --- xn1 LAN IP

and change default routes of virtual machines on xen1 and xen2 to (FreeBSD2) then virual machines on xen2 can't go out but
those from xen1 can. 

Can somebody help me in this situation? I don't know what's wrong.
The firewall/NAT doesn't work if the virtual hosts are on the same 
machine where firewall is. The funny thing is that ICMP packets are 
passing through, but ordinary traffic does not. Do I have to change 
something on Xenserver dom0 or PF firewall? 

Marko Lerota
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