Roger wrote....
>When this happens, can you log into the affected VM (with the disk
"supposedly" attached) and paste the output of `xenstore-ls -fp
/local/domain/<domid>` (replace <domid> with the ID of the domain) here.
Will do that later today, no problem.

>You will need the xen-tools package installed in order to do that.
Yep, xen-tools exists for Freebsd and it's always installed.

>It looks to me like this is some kind of issue with the XenServer storage
manager, so I would suggest asking this on the XenServer mailing lists
I would have thought so to (that it's a xenserver issue). However, it is
very consistent that every time this has occurred (a handful of times), the
windows guests and Linux guests are not affected. Only the FreeBSD guests
are affected.


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