--On 12 September 2014 14:50 +0200 Marko Lerota <mler...@pdsvelebit.hr> wrote:

Thanks Karl. It may be something that is 'easy' to fix. ICMP traffic
already goes through. So why not just add TCP/UDP in the code :-)
It would be a shame that I have to use Iptables again. Any of the
free DEVs are listening? I'm buying a beer :-).

Replying late as I've just walked into this issue, yet again - which prompts me to ask:

- Is there any way of having the FreeBSD virtual machine use the Xen disk services, but the legacy 'realtek' network card?

I had asked about this a while ago - I think someone said it would be 'very tricky' - and much later someone replied that it might be possible...

That would hopefully give us some agility back to these machines - which at the moment are languishing on a separate pool - running pure HVM, which is a real pain for backend storage changes / upgrades :(

Maybe it's time for beer++? :)

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