we are thinking about running FreeBSD 10.1 on Cloudstack, with Xen 
virtualization for a customer in a „managed hosting“ type of setup - we are 
administrators of  both Xen and FreeBSD on our own premises).
The customer is currently running a managed multi-server FreeBSD 10.1 setup on 
bare metal and is overall quite satisfied but would like to have more 

The handbook mentions nothing about this, there are two different wiki pages 
about Xen:

(which I assume is the „right“ one nowadays)

I’m really more a FreeBSD-guy than a Xen guy but I’m wondering what the 
„optimal“ configuration for such a setup is?

I see that the XENHVM driver is thankfully already included in GENERIC.
The man-page also mentions to include:

           options NO_ADAPTIVE_MUTEXES
           options NO_ADAPTIVE_RWLOCKS
           options NO_ADAPTIVE_SX

Is this still necessary with 10.1?

I want to continue using freebsd-update(8) with binary patches provided by the 
FreeBSD-project - under almost all conditions.

Will there be any improvements in 10.2 that are worth waiting for?
Or does one need to track current to make the most of FreeBSD under Xen?

Looking at bugzilla, there is bug:

Does that also apply when a VM doesn’t do routing?


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