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Summary: FreeBSD 10.1/amd64 under Xen 4.2.5 is much slower than FreeBSD
9.3 on the same environment, especially at fork()



We've got a number of 9.3, 10.0 and growing number of 10.1 boxes running under XenServer 6.5 and OnApp (using Xen) here - and I've not noticed any issues with them.

As you've carefully provided all the info - I'll give the same bench mark a run on some of our systems here next week - and post the results.

Obviously it's not an 'apples for apples' comparison - XenServer 6.5, from memory uses Xen 4.4. I think the OnApp system we're using Xen 3.4

If nothing else it'd be good to know we really don't have an issue rather than one we've not noticed (otherwise this might turn into a '/me too' post :)


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