Hi guys,

I'm attempting to boot FreeBSD as Dom0 on ThinkPad E550 with an i7-5500U
quad-core and 16G of ram.

The FreeBSD is in the revision r280848 and Xen is the 4.6-unstable(checkout
today). The FreeBSD kernel was built as amd64.

So, the problem that I'm facing is that not possible to load multiboot
kernel. Right after to load the XEN kernel, its attempt to  load the next
KERNEL, but I reach out at:
167         error = elf32_loadfile_raw(filename, dest, result, 1);
168         if (error != 0) {
169                 printf(
170         "elf32_loadfile_raw failed: %d unable to load multiboot
171         error);
172                 goto out;
173         }

I tried to boot at loader using:
OK unload OK load /boot/xen dom0_mem=1024M dom0_max_vcpus=2 dom0pvh=1
boot/xen data=0x1e0090+0x7fd20f70 \
OK load /boot/kernel/kernel
/boot/kernel/kernel Unable to load /boot/kernel/kernel as a multiboot
payload kernel
/boot/kernel/kernel text=0x104c6a8 data=0x12dbb8+0x3fb0f0
OK boot

And the system is halted.

Any idea?
Best Regards,

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