El 31/03/15 a les 5.26, Marcelo Araujo ha escrit:
> Hi Roger,
> Yes, seems my BIOS is not correctly reporting the extended memory size.
> The value that I got from my box is:
> bios_extmem: 0xff00000 memtop_copyin: 0x10000000 memtop: 0x10000000
> I did check my BIOS if there is any suspicious options that may mess up
> with the memory, but I didn't find nothing. I will check if there is any
> new BIOS version.
> Do you have any other idea?

Can you boot a bare metal kernel with boot_verbose="YES" and copy the
memory map reported by FreeBSD when booting?

There's also a recent change to biosmem.c which touched extended memory
detection, r279222. Could you try to revert that commit and see if it
makes any difference?

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