El 13/04/15 a les 19.05, Gustau Perez Querol ha escrit:
 >    I'm not getting output from neither the xen kernel nor from the
> FreeBSD dom0 during the boot. Shouldn't I be getting output during the
> boot from the xen kernel?

Sorry, I didn't understand it that way when reading the question the
first time. Yes, you should be getting some very quick Xen output before
starting the FreeBSD Dom0 (if your screen is slow when switching modes
you may not even be able to see it).

What's strange is that you don't get any output from FreeBSD when
booting as Dom0, can you paste the full contents of your /boot/loader.conf?

On my systems I see the usual FreeBSD kernel messages on the VGA display
even when booting as Dom0.

>> Probably, but without a serial console it's impossible to tell. Can you
>> apply the following patch to FreeBSD and rebuild the kernel?
>> https://people.freebsd.org/~royger/mem.patch
>    What would I see after applying this patch? is it designed to solve
> the reboot?

I think it may prevent the reboots, but as said, without knowing what's
going on this is just a wild guess.


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