El 14/04/15 a les 8.00, Gustau Pérez ha escrit:
>     this morning I was able to the patch, and apparently it fixes the
> reboots with PV domU guests. Right now I'm installing debian as PV with
> no problems.  Thank you. 
>     As I'm using 4.5 from the ports tree on this laptop, I'd like to ask
> the port's maintainer (bapt) to integrate this patch. Do you think it
> would be safe to integrate the patch in the ports tree?

Since the patch is for the FreeBSD kernel itself it's not possible to
integrate it in the port. I have to rework it a little bit before
committing, will probably send you a new version later so you can test
the final version before I commit it, since I'm not able to reproduce
this problem on my boxes.

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