El 23/04/15 a les 11.54, Gustau Pérez ha escrit:
>   Hello,
>   I'm trying to recap the patches needed to work with the L5520 box I
> have here at $work. Checking the mailing I'd say two patches [1], [2]

You can drop patch 2, patch 1 already fixes the issue in a proper way,
patch 2 was just a workaround.

> are needed for xen kernel to work with that box, also a bit of tweaking
> is needed for the cmdline.
>    I applying those two patches over the xen code allows the machine to
> boot. I see the xen kernel load the dom0 kernel and I see no interrupt
> problems. However, I'm not able to start any domain because of
> permission denied problems:

Can you paste the full boot log of the box (including Xen and FreeBSD)?
Also, are you using the same version for the Xen kernel and the Xen
tools (were both installed using the same exact revision)?


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