El 29/04/15 a les 17.08, Roger Pau Monné ha escrit:
> Yes, libxl needs some modifications in order to execute hotplug scripts
> for block devices on FreeBSD. If you take a look at
> tools/libxl/libxl_freebsd.c:libxl__get_hotplug_script_info you will see
> that hotplug scripts are only executed if the device is a nic.
> I will try to craft a patch tomorrow to enable the execution of disk
> hotplug scripts for FreeBSD. Also, if you run xl with "-vvv" you will
> get a lot more of debugging info which might be helpful.
> Since there are no block hotplug scripts for FreeBSD yet there's no
> description about how parameters will be passed. I will also send you
> the calling convention and what is expected to be filled by the hotplug
> script upon execution together with the patch.

I've been digging into this, and it looks like it's going to be more
complicated than what I thought. FreeBSD blkback is not prepared to work
with hotplug scripts so we also need to modify it.

I hope I'm going to have some time next week to prepare a patch to both
the FreeBSD kernel and libxl, sorry for the delay.

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