El 30/04/2015 a les 11:57, Roger Pau Monné ha escrit:
> I've been digging into this, and it looks like it's going to be more
> complicated than what I thought. FreeBSD blkback is not prepared to work
> with hotplug scripts so we also need to modify it.
> I hope I'm going to have some time next week to prepare a patch to both
> the FreeBSD kernel and libxl, sorry for the delay.

   Hi Roger and thanks for your time and efforts.

   I thought XENBUS_PATH was some sort of a reference to the xenstore
path of the VM being executed and that the libxl would export that to
the hotplug scripts. I thought that simply allowing the libxl to execute
hotplug script for blk devices would be enough.

   Can I be of any help? Feel free to pass me work I you're busy.

   OTOH, I wasn't aware it could involve the Dom0 kernel. I'm confused
about that, could you please explain me why it does involve the dom0

   Thank you,


   PS: a bit offtopic, but I've been reviewing the commits to FreeBSD
HEAD and I don't see this:


   IIRC that patch solved the problem of domU PV guests with some
hardware. Could you commit that upstream?
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