El 13/05/15 a les 13.40, Ruslan Makhmatkhanov ha escrit:
> Roger Pau Monné wrote on 05/13/15 14:21:
>> El 13/05/15 a les 13.12, Ruslan Makhmatkhanov ha escrit:
>>>>> Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on
>>>>> unknown-block(0,0)
>>>>> Full log: http://dpaste.com/2GZTJMH
>>>>> Or it's some bad zfs setup on dom0 system?
>>>> Can you paste the DomU configuration file (debian.cfg)?
>>> Here it is: https://dpaste.de/wneF/raw
>> This is weird, I don't see anything obviously wrong. Could you try to
>> increase the DomU memory to 512Mb and boot again?
> Yes, it is helped. So 512Mb is the minimal RAM quantity?

No idea, you can try with 256 also, maybe that's enough? It looks like
128 isn't, but that's a debian issue unrelated to FreeBSD.

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