I realize that this may not be a freebsd-xen issue, but not sure where to turn 
so thought I'd check here first.

We have a pool of about 10 xenservers (v6.5). All the servers are using 
multipath to connect to multiple nas, and each has multiple paths on different 
subnets. All seems to work ok, but....

About every 3 or 4 weeks, xencenter will throw an alert... "Multipath status 
has changed". Further looking in xencenter shows multipath status is AOK. 
However, a few VM's are down. Recovery is just restarting those VM's.

What is odd - is that every time this occurs, the VM's that failed are always 
FreeBSD (10.0-Release, most are P9) VM's, none of the windows VMs fail. Are 
there any known issues with FreeBSD where a blip in multipath status causes the 
VM to shutdown? I'd think this is a xenserver thing and not a freebsd thing... 
but thought I'd check. Any advice appreciated!


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