Thanks a lot Roger for this information.

I am able to progress with this. I took below commits of you to stable 10.2:

   - rS280954: multiboot: fix error codes
   - Diffusion Commit
   - rS280953: multiboot: zero mod list array
   - rS277215: loader: implement multiboot support for Xen Dom0

With this, i build kernel, and followed steps mentioned in :

when my system reboots, I see below error:

"ERROR: Not a Xen-ELF image: No ELF notes or '__xen_ost' section found


Panic on CPU 0:

Could not set up DOM0 guest OS
Can you please tell me if I am missng anything here. Well, I took the above
mentioned fix to correct the multiboot support.If there are any other
patches to be used, plz let me know.

thanks a ton,

On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 8:40 PM, Roger Pau Monné <>

> Hello,
> El 06/10/15 a les 16.25, shree ha escrit:
> > Hello Everyone,
> >
> > I am new to FreeBSD. Need your input on how I can get Xen dom0 support on
> > FreeBSD 10.2 release.
> Any reason you cannot use HEAD instead?
> > I went through :
> > but did not help me get following information:
> > (1) Is there a list of patches/code changes that I can pick and apply on
> > 10.2 to get Xen dom0 support?
> Most of my commits need to be backported in order to have Dom0 support,
> but IMHO, I'm not sure how many conflicts you will get when trying to
> apply them to stable/10. You can get a list using `svn log --search
> royger`.
> > (2) I see in one of the post, build fails. Just wanted to know if there
> are
> > any other changes required.
> I'm not sure what you mean with this, which build fails?
> Roger.
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