We run a number of 10.x boxes under XenServer 6.5. On those boxes we run NTP as a client with a few local time servers on the network to keep the time in sync on that VM.

There's a number of big threads on the Citrix forums about whether you should, or shouldn't run NTP in domU's - but the consensus seems to be you need to in order to keep the domU's clock accurately in sync.

This works fine.

However if we run a live migrate (to another XenServer node) or Xen Storage Motion migration - the domU's ntp gets messed up. The time on the domU is generally "ok" - but ntpq gives output like:

ntpq> pe
    remote        refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset jitter
ntp0    2 u  931 1024  377    0.232  -4977.5 4207.29
ntp1    3 u  890 1024  377    0.267  -4988.5 4616.94
ntp2    2 u  990 1024  377    0.324  -4978.0 4207.98

It *never* recovers from this (you have to log into the box, and restart ntpd).

I realise this may be more a 'ntpd' than Xen question - but does anyone have any suggestions for avoiding this happening? - i.e. Some option for ntp.conf or something?


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